How much is shipping?

All orders are shipped from our Cambridge, Ontario manufacturing location. Shipping is calculated by the weight and size of the package. We don’t lock into a single service for shipping. Instead, we continually seek preferred rates from our chosen carriers and pass those saving to our customers. To obtain your shipping rate, place the desired product in your cart and enter your postal code. This will give you our best available rate.

Where do you ship?

We ship across Canada and throughout the continental United States.

What is Dye Sublimation?

Dye Sublimation is a specialized printing process that uses variable heat and high pressure to infuse the material with color(s). Special dyes are transmitted from our large digital printers onto paper. Then, the paper and fabric are pressed together in a large heat press to transfer the image. The heat not only transfers but it also imbeds, or sublimates, the ink into the fabric and sets it so it won't run or fade. Dye Sublimation can be done on polyester or nylon fabrics, which offer very clean bleed-through with no added weight.

What makes Dye Sublimation a superior printing method?

This process actually changes the color of the fabric fibers. That means it’s not a type of surface ink, which can flake or peel off. The advantage to this method if that this is a permanent change and ink colors will never run. As a result, your images are always sharp and fresh in appearance.

How do I properly care for my tent to extend its life?

The tent canopy will need some care for it to be useful over time. This means that keeping it as clean as possible is important. By removing debris and having a close look at the material, as you are taking the tent down after an event, will ensure that there are no surprises the next time it is used. It is important that the canopy is removed from the frame before it is collapsed for travel and storage. This will ensure that the frame does not pinch any parts of the canopy or that remnants are not left to press into the material.

What will happen if I put my tent away wet?

As with any material, mold will develop if the canopy is left unattended after it becomes wet. The likely results will be that it will smell bad, then black spots will start to appear. Mold damage can be extensive and irreversible. If your event finishes in the rain, be sure to dry out the canopy as soon as possible by hanging indoors or setting up on the frame in a dry area.

Can I get a material sample?

Yes! You can get a free sample swatch of our industry leading material to compare to your old canopy. Contact us to get your free 600D material sample today - one per address.

Does my Tent come with the Frame?

Yes, the packages on the website are complete with all parts and accessories required to display. Replacement canopies are also available, if necessary.

What is the warranty on the tent frame?

Each frame comes with a specific warranty to the type of material used. Check the Warranty page for your specific warranty. 

How easy are pop up tents to set up?

Our pop up canopy tents are very easy to set up. One person can set up in only 2 minutes when familiar with the process. Depending on the frame you get, you may need 2-3 people to set up your tent but each size we sell is very user-friendly.

When it is erected, what is the full height of the tent?

With adjustable legs, the tent has variable heights at both the valance and the peak. Keep in mind that the valance will be your entrance and so head clearance is necessary. Use the chart below to determine the height for your needs.

Tent frame heights:

                   Peak                      Valance

Low -         10’2”                        6’2"

Med -         10’ 6”                       6’6"

High -         10’9”                        6’9"

X High -      11’1”                        7’1"


Do I need a permit to install a tent on public/private land?

Some municipalities require permits for tents, so it is highly recommended that you check your city by-laws before installation. Canadian Canopy takes no responsibility and makes no warranty with regards to the by-laws of any municipality. We will not be held responsible for fines imposed by police or by-law enforcement.

Can I buy sides to my tent separately, if I find I need them later?

Yes! All our canopies are fitted with 2” Velcro loop used for hanging tent walls. So if you buy any tent now, it’s ready to have tent walls installed now or in the future.

How many tables can I fit under my tent?

Having a single table below the 10x10 footprint is probably most comfortable for client traffic and logo visibility on a back wall, but using multiple tables is also possible.  

In different configurations, a 10x10 frame footprint can fit the following:

2 to 3 – 6 foot tables

1 or 2 – 8 foot tables

Most trade shows are fairly strict on the space you are allowed to use outside the tent’s square footage and you also need to be aware of tie-downs or sand bag space that you may need. The layout depends on if you want visitors under your tent or to view your display from outside the cover of your canopy.

What artwork program do you use for digital set up?

We use Adobe Illustrator for our digital processing. However, no design experience is necessary when you buy a custom printed tent from Canadian Canopy because we provide a specific digital design layout for each package. When including your logo or specific graphic, we will require you to supply this in ‘Vector’ format. Vector files allow the image to be scaled to any size without the loss of resolution, making it the industry standard for wide format printing.


What do I need to provide for custom printing?

You will need to supply your logo in Vector format and a brief, but detailed layout and we will begin to set up your design. Expect that revisions will be part of the process. We do not print until you are satisfied with the overall look of your canopy.