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10' Standard Tent Wall

$149.00 CAD

Includes: Tent Wall    Water Resistant, Fire Protection, Fast Set up, UV Treated 


Our Canadian-made stock colour tent wall will cover one side of your tent. The wall is full colour on both sides. Good for any style tent on a 10' side.

  • 600D PU backed Polyester Wall
  • Waterproof
  • Fire rated - meets CAN/ULC S109, certificate available
  • UV Treated
  • Multiple colours
  • Velcro secure wall to canopy and legs
  • 2" Velcro across top to attach to tent valance
  • Velcro hook across top of wall to hang inside canopy valance


      The best way to clean your display is to not get it dirty in the first place. That isn’t always possible and accidents do happen but following these simple practices can help protect your investment.

      Larger stretch fabric products have the potential to touch the ground during installation. Take precautions to make sure your product never makes contact with the floor or other unclean surfaces. Set up with two or more people. If you are concerned with your ability to keep the fabric off the floor at all times, purchase a roll of painter’s plastic or a tarp that you can lay down to protect the fabric from making contact with the floor.

      Dye sublimation fabric graphics can be cleaned and washed easily with good results. Successfully cleaning your graphics depends on following the instructions below. Results may vary depending on the contaminant, how dirty the graphics are and what fabric you are cleaning.

      • To avoid smudges when setting up your fabric product, always handle with gloves.
      • Wrinkles may be pressed using an iron on low heat or steamed out with a handheld fabric steamer
      • Store gently in zip top plastic bag provided. Be sure graphic is dry when storing to avoid damage.Keep stored graphic in a cool dry area.


       If your graphic becomes dirty, it is machine washable! Fabric graphics can be machine washed in cold water on the gentle cycle. Lay flat or set up on frame to dry. If it is too large for your washer you can hand wash it with mild soap in a large tub. We recommend hang drying. To prevent shrinking, the best way to do this is to attach the damp graphic to it’s frame to dry.

      Stains can be treated with a fabric stain remover.

      • Test a small area to check how a solution will react to the fabric
      • Treat the stain from the back side when possible

      Here you will find all available templates for the custom printed products we manufacture. Please download the template, insert your artwork into the 'Artwork' layer and upload with your order or send by email after placing the order.


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